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Boston, MA (February 19, 2020) – SDI Architecture, a Boston-based international architectural and interior design firm that develops distinct, custom designs, centered upon the user’s experience, today released its assessment of the significant growth trends for 2020 in the tech sector of Greater Boston.


“As a firm that is contracted to design and update Boston tech companies’ offices and R&D facilities, we are getting a front row seat to the ways these organizations are approaching their growth and expansion,” said Ben Williams, president and co-founder, SDI Architecture. “Many of these companies, even the small to mid-size businesses, are choosing to focus their expansion not just in America but also in emerging markets such as India and select countries in Eastern Europe, and as a result are opening and constructing offices in these locations.”


Beyond the economics of moving into certain emerging markets, the most dominant reason for this expansion is the unparalleled access to the enormous pool of highly educated and skilled workers in a stable and safe environment.  This labor pool represents a significant competitive advantage for companies working on Boston-based projects and also gives Greater Boston tech businesses a better chance at securing the wealth of new business opportunities coming out of the rapidly growing emerging markets they now operate in.


“This trend among tech companies here in Boston was one of the factors that motivated SDI to recently open our newest office in Hyderabad, India,” continued Williams. “As a professional services organization, it is incumbent upon us to be in the best position to meet our client’s needs. In this instance, that means having a physical presence in the countries they are expanding into. Also, the rules and regulations for the design and construction industry vary from country to country, so opening an office in Hyderabad means we have the necessary licensing and a full breadth of the understanding of the building requirements in the region.”


“As far as the design of the offices we are working on India, much of what has been happening here in the U.S. is making its way there.  This includes flexible office space that allows for expansion, an appealing design with great amenities that will help attract the local talent, and open working environments that promote collaboration. Companies are following the talent and they are doing everything they can to prevent them from going to the competition. I expect that as this trend continues, SDI will be opening more offices in emerging  markets in the coming years,” predicted Williams.


SDI Architecture is an international architectural and interior design firm that is disrupting the design industry through a collaborative design process that engages the client and consultants in developing distinct, custom designs, centered upon the user’s experience. SDI Architecture creates distinct designs that capture the client’s identity through the visual and physical experience of the built environment. We achieve this by working hand-in-hand with clients to understand their mission, culture, audiences and goals. We then use that knowledge to design a customized space that addresses their needs. For businesses, that includes maximizing productivity, efficiency, and employee satisfaction and health.


SDI Architecture is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts with design offices in India and the U.S. For more information on SDI Architecture please visit


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