Design Team

Ben Williams


Baker Design Group


Lexington, MA




Commercial (office)


30,000 sqm

Project Year





BLW Engineers

The client is a growing biopharmaceutical company developing technologies to treat anemia and create imaging agents to detect cancer and cardiovascular disease.

When the client made the decision to move their administrative headquarters and become the sole occupant of a three-story, 30,000sf. office building in Lexington, Massachusetts, they looked for the design team to transform the space to suite their needs. They required an executive area for the CEO and CFO to meet with potential investors and board members at any hour of the day. There was also a request for employees to have a level of privacy while working. With the company focused on health, there needed to be amenities to promote this.

To accommodate the requests, an executive area separated from the main office and close to the reception area was created. For employee privacy while they worked, a good portion of employees have private offices and the remaining employees have workstation are laid out so people walking around can’t see the monitors. To foster a healthy lifestyle at work, a gym and cafeteria serving healthy food was created.

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