Design Team

Ben Williams


Baker Design Group


Boston, MA




Commercial (office)


20,000 sqm

Project Year





BLW Engineers

An international global branding experience agency that won Emmys for television set design for shows such as, NBC News, CNN, the Daily Show, and more, asked the design team to freshen up their existing office space. Which consisted of partial height partitions that hid people from each other and blocked light from flowing through the space. The client wanted a space where the employees could see ach other and take advantage of the existing skylights.

In addition to opening up the office, the design team was tasked to create a collaborative, inviting space not just for their employees but also their clients. Most importantly the space must cultivate the staff creativity. All to be accomplished on a limited budget and while the space was occupied.

The new design removed all the low height partitions, pushed the private offices and conference rooms to each side of the floor, and separated the departments to allow each group to work in the manor that best suited them. Cubicles were selected that would allow for collaboration and laid out in various arrangements to work with each department’s needs. Once the old partitions were removed, natural light from the windows and skylights filled the space allowing them to turn off the lights for most of the day.

To show visitors the company’s new idea of openness, a glass wall was erected in the reception area and to filter the view to the workstations an orange semi-translucent film was added. The new glass wall was naturally illuminated by the skylights above and splashed the company’s color throughout the reception area.

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