Design Team

Ben Williams


ADD, Inc.


Lowell, MA




Commercial (Data Center)


75,000 sq. ft.

Project Year



Trent Bell


ENCON, Simpson Gumpertz & Heger, Stantec, & Goldstein Milano LLC

The design team was asked to create a new scalable co-location data center facility, utilizing existing and new structures on an old spaghetti factory site. The property consisted of five buildings of which only one and a partial building could be used for a data center. Due to the condition of the other three and their age, it was determined that best option was to remove these buildings entirely.

This phase of the project would fast track 36,000 s.f. facility consisting of the redesign of one building, the removal of another, and construction of an entirely new two-story structure. The newly designed facility would not just house the co-location data center and associated electrical rooms, but also include shared offices, a loading dock, shipping/receiving and other permanent facilities that could be shared with future buildouts. This phase had to quickly be realized to meet a move-in deadline set by a major tenant.

To help meet the tight schedule the client decided to reallocate equipment they had on order to this project. With this decision the design team had to work closely with the engineers to optimize the space for equipment not designed for the project. The decision was proved to be the right business choice and allowed the project to be completed on time.

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