Design Team

Ben Williams, Prasanna Lachagari


SDI Architecture, Inc.


Wilmington, MA


Kaka Biosystems – A Roche Company


Commercial (Lab & Office)


25,000 sqm

Project Year



Bob O’Connor



As Kapa Biosystems grew its office and labs in the U.S., they wanted an office that reflected their culture—young, new and different. They liked the idea of an open office plan with no private offices and views into the labs. Besides having an open plan, they loved the feel and look of the existing structure. This gave us an opportunity to develop a dynamic industrial office and lab space.

The company has three vibrant corporate colors—green, blue & magenta—that we wanted to incorporate into the design without overpowering the space. We took an opportunity to separate the open office from a large break and training area with two diagonal walls. The two walls were each painted one of their themed green and blue, with the magenta used in the break area. The open plan allows for views across the office to the bright colors and the diagonal walls made the break area more private without closing it off from the rest of the office.

To allow for groups to collaborate and not disturb the remaining teams, various sizes and types of conference room have been placed along the perimeter wall. To allow the sun light to penetrate the space and give everyone views, the conference rooms have glass fronts or are completely open to the office.

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